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What is Intuitive, Spiritual and Energy Healing?

This is a type of holistic healing whereby to heal the physical, mental and emotional states, one also needs to heal the spiritual and energetic bodies. The healer uses their intuition and experience to bring all parts back into alignment allowing the patient to heal.

The forms of healing that are used by Lee focus mostly on Reiki, Shamanic Healing and some other modalities that Lee has learned over the past couple decades, such as the use of vibration and overtone singing which can direct energy, focus it and make the energy itself sing in unison.

Lee draws on knowledge from many different cultures, paths and traditions to bring you the ultimate healing experience.

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Join me for The Healing Hour. This is a live stream every second Sunday at 7pm, where I discuss healing, answer your questions and do some distance energy healing for everyone watching.

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Next Live Stream: 5th June

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You can discuss complimentary healing and meditation with likeminded people and also join the public monthly group meditation.


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